In preparation for the last Hunger Games movie that comes out in theaters this weekend (Mockingjay pt 2), I re-watched the first three movies. I really love the character development in these movies and their accurate portrayal of true emotional trauma and brokenness, but a major issue that stuck out to me this time around was the idea of reality.

The wealthy, garish Capital of Panem sharply contrasts with the destitute districts. The Capital in all of its extravagance has ignored the starving districts and separated itself from them. They do this because they have to. By doing so, the districts and the Games lost their reality.

Its easy to enjoy something awful if it isn’t real.

The wealthy in Panem are able to enjoy watching teenagers murder each other and die slow, painful deaths. They look forward to watching the Hunger Games each year. For them, it’s a reality game show, meant to be watched and enjoyed. They don’t realize that reality TV is not reality. They’re so clueless. So cruel. For the oppressed people of Panem, the Hunger Games are real. Real chances of being selected, real pain, real death- not something to be publicized and humiliated.

Just like the people in the Capital, when we separate ourselves from reality, we tend to sit back and relax while disgusting atrocities take place. How can we be sympathetic if we deny reality? How can we help if we’re all living trapped in our personal “realities”? It is impossible. If we want to stand up to injustices, we must face the horrors of reality.


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