I am Rory Gilmore

I got out of the habit of writing. I forgot why I love it and started questioning myself. Is this actually something I want to pursue? Why do I still have a blog? Will I ever write down all the ideas floating around inside my head?

rory readingIn the midst of these questions, I remembered Rory Gilmore. From the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls that I watched last summer, I identified with Rory. She is a perfectionist. She’s very close to her mom. She eats junk food constantly and drinks coffee obsessively. She loves to write. She is a complete bookworm. Do I agree with every decision she makes? Of course not. However, I probably have more in common with Rory than I do with most of my friends.

Rory questions herself too. When Mr. Huntzberger tells her that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist, she panics. She steals a yacht, drops out of Yale, and moves away from her mother. Later on, in season 7, Rory wholeheartedly believes that she will get into the New York Times internship of her dreams. When she is not accepted, she once again falls into despair and uncertainty.

In the end, though, Rory pursues what she loves. She finishes her college education because she loves to learn. She reads relentlessly because literature is her passion. She starts a career in journalism because she loves to write. Despite all the doubt and distractions, she never stops writing. She never stops being Rory.

And I am Rory Gilmore. So here I am.


2 thoughts on “I am Rory Gilmore”

  1. Always love to read your blog and this was no exception. Since I have knowledge of your education and home I believe you are at a distinct advantage over Rory Gilmore (having watched the show some). You do seem to share some of her passions so I get it 🙂 You are you though and I am soo glad !


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