Yet Again

Well, here I am, starting up this blog. Again.

It’s a familiar cycle: I suddenly feel ashamed, or convicted, or motivated about my writing (or lack thereof). When this rush of emotion is not accompanied by any clue of what to write, I guiltily gulp the uncomfortable feelings back down. “Sure, I want to be a writer, and sure, writers need to be in the habit of writing consistently, but this isn’t a good time to start that habit anyway. I’m much too busy.” Or so I tell myself.

On the off chance that my sudden motivation happens to coincide with a good idea of what to write about, I excitedly type up a couple hundred words and hit “post,” confident that this is the start of a new habit. But sure enough, by the time the next week rolls around, I no longer have either the motivation or the ideas. And thus my pitiful attempt at a habit ends, for days, weeks, or (most likely) months.

Recently I’ve come to two conclusions.

1. I will always be “too busy.”

Waiting around for the magical day when suddenly I have no deadlines, responsibilities, or commitments is foolishness. If I ever want to make a habit of writing, today is always the best day to start.

2. I don’t always have to have a brilliant, inspiring idea.

Every writer ever says that consistency is the first step. The thought-provoking, creative topics in their writing come later. If this is true (it is), I shouldn’t stand at the bottom of the staircase, gazing up, shifting my feet, and waiting until I can jump past the first step. I need to pick up my hesitant feet and take the step.

This is new and exciting and scary all at the same time, but I look forward to every word of it. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Here’s to taking the first step. Cheers!


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