About Me


I am Sarah. And I write. I’m an older sister, a collector of quotes, a fierce defender of my friends, a lover of deep conversations, a night owl, an acrophile (vocabulary word of the day), and above all, a follower of Christ.

Since the time my six-year-old self cried with joy while reading an American Girl book, I have loved words. I’ve devoured the words of more books than I can count, yet still my to-read list is endless. Since the time my sixteen-year-old self cried over the realization that I will never be able to read all the books on this list, it’s been clear that words are truly a passion of mine. Writing was always my favorite subject in school, especially when teachers allowed me to try fun new forms like limericks and flash fiction.

To this day, I cannot limit my love of words. I don’t have a favorite genre to read, nor am I picky when it comes to writing, which will soon become obvious after reading a few posts. My dream is to write. Wherever life takes me, I never want to stop writing. My first goal is to write my way through college. After that, I’ll tackle the next stages as they come.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!