An Ape and a Pig

After reading this article over the weekend and watching the buffoonery of Monday night’s debate, I noticed that our current presidential candidates are strikingly similar to some characters I’ve encountered in fiction- and not characters that we would (or at least should) want as president. Namely,  Shift the Ape and Napoleon the Pig.

Shift is one of those especially delightful characters in fiction whose name perfectly summarizes his whole being. He is shifty. He constantly shifts and bends truth in order to take over Narnia.

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Communism, Easter, and Ravens

I just recently read Animal Farm, which is an allegory of the Russian Revolution, each animal and situation on the farm correlating to real people and historical events. It’s easy to understand why Orwell portrayed some of them as he did. For example, he used a pig to represent Stalin. However, some of his metaphors are trickier to understand.

In chapter 2, we meet a raven named Moses. Immediately, you think of religion and the biblical Moses, just as Orwell wanted you too. Moses represents the church in Russia.

But perhaps you also think of death and evil, as you also should. Continue reading “Communism, Easter, and Ravens”


Today we hear so much about progress. Headlines about our “progressive” society with “progressive” ideals and technology are constantly thrown in our faces. When I hear this word, I think of the Carousel of Progress in Disney World, which follows one family through the vast amounts of change in the 20th century. Progress implies futuristic advances and new moral codes, but it doesn’t have a specific meaning. Everyone is obsessed with this vague Progress. What exactly is it? Continue reading “Progress”